What’s On My Mind….Pertaining to golf, of course….

Well, before I get into golf, I’ve got to apologize for being away from the blog for so long…. So long that I needed to do that weird psychedelic code word security thingy to get into my own blog page!!!!

     (*J just told me it’s called ‘captcha’)
That’s too long.  That’s sad…..
So what’s on my mind, pertaining to golf?  
Mostly that it’s awesome and it’s TOUGH.  T. O. U. G. H.   I love it, pure and simple… but it’s crazy difficult.  What’s on my mind is that playing golf at YOUR  (read, ‘my’, selfishly writing this from my own point of view…) level is very difficult!!!!
If you have the desire to improve…. If you’ve every played golf at a significantly high level (that might be a 25 handicap for someone, a 15 for another…. It might be a 5 or a scratch for others…. It might be ‘TOUR QUALITY’ for a select few *my wife, for example….) and my guess is that if you are reading this blog you have the desire to improve!!!!!   
OK,  if you have the desire to improve….  GOLF IS DIFFICULT!  
And you know what?  THAT’S GREAT!  That’s one of the things I love about it.  It demands attention.  It demands focus.  It demands…………  PRACTICE!!!!!!
Yes, there’s always that mythical golfer that just steps out of the car and plays great golf…..  I say, ‘good for him!’.   Most likely, that’s not you!  I sure as heck know that it is not me!  
Don’t let the handicap system make you lazy!  You heard me.  The handicap system allows golfers to not practice/train and still compete to some degree…..  Play lousy enough long enough, and your handicap will reach a level where you can still win if you play decent golf for your standards…. That’s too bad for anyone who has the desire to improve.  
Embrace the fact that golf is difficult.  Create a plan for QUALITY TRAINING, and get to it.  Playing high level golf (set your own standard) is far more rewarding that letting the handicap system compete for you.  
Enough said.   Now GO PLAY GOLF!  Stop THINKING GOLF SWING!!

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