Putting Advice

“Thinking the way you have always thought will almost certainly assure that you will putt the way you have always putted.” -Dr. Bob Rotella

I made a decision in 1993 that I was a good putter.  Since then, I have been a good putter.  Even through a bout with the yips, I made a good deal of putts, and more importantly, my belief kept me putting with confidence and training in the very best ways. 

There is nothing much worse than listening to someone complain about their putting…  It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. 

Golfers should not seek lessons because their putting is bad. It almost never works, and more likely, they find new ways to convince themselves that they are not good putters…. 

They should train, research and take lessons to get better.  There is a huge difference in attitude between the two.  

The answer should always be; “My putting is getting better.” or “Next time the putts will go in.”

Poor training and Lack of training are about the only excuse for poor putting.  A bad mind set is too easy to change.  It should NEVER be the reason for putting poorly. 


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