Learning The Rules of Golf

I received a comment on an ‘easier way’ to learn the rules of golf. 

Susan, that’s a great question.  Yes, there are several books, some simple videos, and even some laminated placards that you can purchase that go over the basic rules. 

I particularly like “Golf Rules Quick Reference”, by Yves C. Ton-That. 

These guides can help you get ‘the basics’ down a little faster, and are well organized.

*Attend any rules seminars given at your club! 

Unfortunately, in most cases, even the quick reference book or laminated card won’t get you out of the situation you find yourself in during a tournament!  The situation you find yourself in is either not covered in the simple rules, or it’s just as hard to find and understand at that moment! 

Learning the rules is WAY EASIER than learning a language, but to truly get a grasp of the rules, the learning process is eerily similar. 

So for the golf novice, look for a simple book, laminated card, or video to help with the rules…. As you get more serious, spend some time with that little white book!


PGA professionals learn the rules in the following ways:

*We study the rules book enough to understand how it is laid out.  We learn how to use it to find specific rules

*We study and understand the definitions given at the beginning of the book. Without a clear understanding of the terminology, learning the rules will always seem complicated

*We study and try to memorize the order of the 30+ rules in the book (I say try, because I’ve remembered and forgotten the order several times… but have a basic idea as to where to find most rulings and know how to use the index at the front of the book.)

*We immerse ourselves in golf.  One of the keys to learning the rules of golf, is being around golf…   Play a lot, and listen to other golfers discuss the rules! 

Like learning a language, it’s almost impossible to dabble around and learn much.  Like learning a language, the more you memorize grammar, and immerse yourself in the ‘DOING’, the better you’ll get. 

****Most important! Don’t be afraid of the LITTLE WHITE BOOK!  Spend some time figuring out the flow of the book.  It’s extremely well written and efficient in it’s lay out. 

****REMEMBER GOOGLE!  Get on the internet and simply type in your rules question!  It’s a great resource! 

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