The TIGER Effect….

Perhaps one of the great effects of the Tiger Woods era is that the younger generation, especially with him out of the equation at the moment, has developed an unbelievable will to win.  

We saw it again yesterday on the PGA tour.  Webb Simpson* birdied the last hole of regulation and then the first two holes of the playoff to win the event.  Fantastic play by several young players.  Add to the fact that this tournament is huge!  Not a major, but not far off, and in some ways, just as important for many of these guys as the FED EX CUP PLAYOFFS continues to grow in stature.  
They grew up watching ‘a man of steel’.  They grew up watching others falter mentally and physically as Tiger just seemed to will the ball into the hole….  They most likely imitated him, and as they improved, were drilled by the media, their coaches, etc… that they had to be that confident to play at the next level.  
This is fantastic for sport. These kids will take golf to another level, they will come one step closer to reaching the human potential and that is awesome!  
*Full disclosure:  When I wrote down Simpson’s name, I made a mental note to check the spelling, as he’s still somewhat new to me, like so many of the young guys today!  There are so many, and truth is, I’m still a bit stuck on the guys I grew up with…..  So anywho, when I finished writing, I clicked on the PGA Tour website and discovered that I didn’t just misspell Webb’s first name,  I originally wrote Will, not Webb….  The face of golf is changing, and even I’ve got to catch up! 

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