Getting Back on Track

“Life gets in the way of golf” -Dave Pelz

Certainly, Hurricane Irene has really gotten in the way of golf up here in New Bern, NC.  Even though I’ve been at the course everyday, my golf clubs are decaying in the back of my mini-van….

You really take communication for granted these days…  blogs, emails, facebook, texting, cell phones….  

It was a bit annoying having all of those lines of communication taken away for a few days…  Sure I could use my cell phone, but I had to drive a mile off site to get any signal (what a pain!). *We are so spoiled today, I know

Anyway, looks like that area is getting back to normal.  Hoping to be able to blog about golf shortly!

We’ve got a couple more days of clearing away the damage from the hurricane just to be able to get the golf course open.  Another week to get the course back into shape….  We’ll be looking at busted up trees for quite some time to come. 

Very happy to say that we will open for LABOR DAY WEEKEND!  I’m excited because that is PATRIOTS GOLF DAY where clubs all over America raise money for the FOLDS OF HONOR FOUNDATION.  

Can’t wait to get life out of the way, so I can get back to GOLF! 

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