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Carolina Colours: Picture #1

Hole #1- 430yd par 4.    This is a big opening hole.  It’s also a golf hole that you must respect.  It’s a dogleg left, with plenty of room on the right to hit your tee shot.  This is comforting, but it also lengthens the hole.  After I played it a few times, I was able to adjust my aim line and cut some yardage off the dogleg.  A golfer should not get greedy, however, as an overly aggressive shot will find a difficult fairway bunker (as pictured on the left) or kick left into native grass or behind the tree line.  Solid opening hole. 

Carolina Colours: Picture – #18

Hole #18:  431yd par 4.  It’s a solid finishing hole.  It’s also very rewarding if you hit your best drive.  The tee shot is slightly uphill before it plateaus in the landing area for average drives….  Bomb it and you’ll hit the downslope that runs towards the green.  Another really fun hole because you can hit wedge or 4 iron depending on the drive and where the pin is located on this deep green.  Oh, and don’t go in the fairway bunkers on this hole….  They really make the hole play long, and they are steep faced! 

Carolina Colours: Pictures #17

Hole #17,525yd par 5 dogleg right  

This hole is so cool, I’m going to post a couple more pictures below so you can really get a feel for it.  It begins with an opportunity to just pound your driver.  There are a nest of bunkers you can see from the tee box which really run up the center of the hole.  It’s one of those tee shots where the carry over the bunkers should be tempting for most golfers (depending on skill level and the tee box you choose).  It’s about a 250 yard carry (up hill) from the tees I play.  I know I can carry with a solidly struck shot…. I also look out and see a fairway that appears to be 150 yards wide!!!!!  It’s a total green light tee shot. 

If you hit it perfect, just right of center, it’s a very reachable par 5.  There’s some nasty junk on the right so you may want to bail out and smash it to the left….  If you hit it dead perfect, and dead straight, there’s a chance you could bounce into a pot bunker about 270yds off the tee….

Now the fun begins:

Your second shot offers many options.  2 poplar trees stand about 70 yards short of the green, seemingly right in the damn middle of the fairway.  A lay up must be strategically hit to have an easy third shot.  You must hit it hard and left to get past the two trees, or lay up pretty far short to the right….  It really makes you think!  I love it. 

The other option after a good drive is to go for the green.  You might have to work it one way or the other depending on where the pin is, but it’s a fun shot into a massive green.

Here’s a view from behind the green.  You’re tee shot would land somewhere back behind where the flag is.  Can you tell from this picture how the poplar trees come into play?  It may be the best of a group of great holes on this back nine!

Carolina Colours: Picture #16

Hole #16, 135yd par 3

After finishing the beast of a hole number 15, you drive across a couple of small bridges through the creeks and forest and stumble into a fun par three.  The green is large and very wide.  It’s surrounded by a ravine in front and woods and creeks on all other sides….  For most golfers, the hazards will rarely come into play.  Hopefully your just taking out a short iron and trying to hit it as close as you can to the pin! 

Carolina Colours: Picture- Hole #15

Hole #15  430yd par 4.  Dogleg right. 

This hole is basically encased by woods.  It’s a beast of a hole with no bunkers at all.  If you take an aggressive line to cut the dogleg, you can have a relatively easy second shot.  If you play it safe by hitting left of center, you’re most likely looking at 200+ yards for the second shot.  Because of the angle of the dogleg and the depth of the green (44yds) the hole will play different almost every time you play it.  I’ve hit 9 iron  to the center of the green one day, and I’ve failed to reach the green with a smoked 2 hybrid on a different occasion.  It’s a powerful hole.  Great design. 

Carolina Colours: Picture Hole 14

Check out Leon’s comment on the Hierarchy of ESSENTIAL skills.  Made my day!  Thanks, Leon. 

Hole 14.  330yd par 4. 

It’s 260 to carry the water from the blue tees….  Even for a conservative golfer like myself, it will be tough to not pull out the driver some days!  This hole is not only beautiful, it’s a blast to play.  There are a ton of options off the tee, and if your first shot is in play, most likely you’ll have a good chance to make birdie.  The stretch of holes from 13-17 are as good as any I’ve played.

Carolina Colours: Picture #13

Hole 13, 400+ yd par 4.  

I can’t wait to play this hole as a par 4.  It’s a beast!  Right now, we are playing it as a temporary par 3 and it’s still a great hole.  This shot is taken from about 160 yard out.  I’m standing on a temporary tee and if you look closely, you can see another in the lower portion of this photo.  Often times when you hear “temporary” in regards to a hole, it really takes away from your experience at a golf course.  We are fortunate to have a temporary par 3 that is as strong as any of the other holes on the golf course.  The green is huge and the bunkers frame the hole beautifully.  More dramatically, you’ve just come over an impressive bridge that takes you into a deeply wooded area, and all traces of the community disappear.   This is the beginning of the best stretch of holes on the course! 

Carolina Colours: Picture #12

Hole #12 – Par 3 150-200yds. 

This is a sneaky hole.  Looks benign when you step on the tee box.  Perhaps the large green makes it look like it’s just a short iron shot.  You quickly realize that you need a 4 or 5 iron to get there,instead of an 8!  If you look to the right of the pin, behind the bunker you’ll see we have a fan on this green to keep the air circulating as it backs up into the woods; serious woods. 

And I can’t quite believe so many leaves have fallen….  Have I moved too far north? 

Carolina Colours: Picture #11

Hole #11- 575yd par 5, double dog leg. 

OK, now this hole will spectacular to view in another year or two.  I took this photo on a breezy day, so try to block out all the leaves (yikes, I’m back in leaf falling territory!) You hit out to a large landing area that begins to bend to the right.  That bunker on the right is adjacent to the landing area.  From there the hole bend sharply to the right for about 200 yards before ducking back to the left.  If you look over that bunker on the right side you’ll see a small break in the left tree line.  That’s where the hole snakes back to the left.  I loved the way the hole “spoke” to me about shot shaping (fade a tee shot, draw and approach shot… stuff like that).  It’s a blast to play.