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Powerful Effects of Self Motivation

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”
-Napoleon Hill

Self motivation is extremely important.  This quote is intended for me.  I go in for knee surgery on Monday and my recovery will be slow and difficult.  I’m ready and excited to get back to GOLF next spring!!!!

*Please feel free to borrow this quote if it pushes you to practice a little more, or persevere if you game has been struggling!

**I’ll be in la la land next week, and most likely unable to throw out any blogs….   I’ll look forward to getting back with you in a week or so. 

How to Unlearn, Without Thinking About It….

Generally speaking, the more inconsistent a golfer, the further away from physics compliance he or she is. 

More specifically, golfers that struggle with power, contact and direction (sounds like most golfers?) have more physical manipulations in their swing.  By manipulations, I simply mean moves of the body that keep the arc of the club from SWINGING and ON PATH. 

We all come into this game with a perception, some people come in with far better perceptions than the rest… Most of us come in with the perception to lift, steer, and kill to some degree. 


And happily, there is a sure fire way to unlearn!   It’s DOING WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING WHILE YOU TRAIN.  Training in the GRAVITY DRILLS, training with intent on finishing in a FULLY ROTATED RELAXED BALANCED FINISH, and OVERTRAINING the correct rotation of the forearms (hitting big ole hooks) if necessary will automatically help you UNLEARN the old perceptions. 

I’m not saying its easy.  Just that THERE IS A WAY!  Golfers must stay ON TRACK in their training for years and years.  Golfers must stay consistent and systematic in their training UNTIL!!!!

You will not unlearn by taking normal swings.  The best a golfer can do with regular swings is learn to manage an uncompliant swing.  That management disintegrates as you age…. 

UNLEARN by training systematically and consistently IN THE DRILLS! 

It’s a LIFETIME project!  Enjoy and be fascinated. 

And of course, come see me, ask me questions, take more lessons, comment on my blog… Get answers to your questions!!! 

Positive Addiction

Thanks for your comments on what drives you to play golf.  Please keep them coming! 

I began this morning looking up the definition of ‘addiction’.  It has a very 1-sided meaning….  Bad.  The meaning specifically details negative influences of being drawn to something that is harmful.


So, being the positive kind of guy I am, I goggled ‘POSITIVE ADDICTION’.  And there you have it!  It’s a psychological term created in 1976 and I am quite convinced golf can fall into the category of a ‘POSITIVE ADDICTION’

Positive addiction (PA) fulfills the seven following criteria:

  1. it is something noncompetitive that you choose to do and you can devote approximately forty-five minutes to an hour a day to;
  2. it is possible for you to do it easily, in the sense of organizing to do it, and it doesn’t take a great deal of mental effort to do it;
  3. you can do it alone (more rarely with others) – but independently of others – not depending on their presence or encouragement to continue;
  4. you believe it has some value (physical, mental, or spiritual) for you;
  5. you believe that if you persist at it you will improve but this is completely subjective – you need to be the only one who measures that improvement;
  6. the activity must be one you can perform without negatively criticizing yourself;
  7. it must be undertaken several times a week until you reach “the PA state”.

Not all golfers (very few actually) can be considered to have a ‘PA’ to golf.   Those who look at the above and say ‘yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, workin on it ,yep’…. I welcome you into the ‘GOLF NUT CLUB’. 

Final Thought:  2 golfers that commented to me about the drive to keep playing pointed out the ‘PA’ to shooting consistently good rounds.  It’s extremely difficult to do, but I agree that it drives me to keep playing!  I absolutely love the mental exercise before rounds, during rounds and in between rounds. I believe I can play to play great.  I strive to play great and fearless!  I aspire to play fearlessly and with full confidence.  Most amazingly, I have yet to play completely fearless golf over 18 holes…  But I’ll keep going for it!!    What makes you love this game? 

Play to Learn

How much time do you spend on the range or on the course ‘PLAYING TO LEARN’? 

I believe it is very important to PLAY both on the range and on the course.  By play, I mean goofing around, to some degree.  I mean going out on the range and spending 1/2 hr to an 1hr just trying to hit extreme shots…  big hooks, big slices, low shots and high shots…..  Or getting in a bunker and hitting 50-100 shots trying different techniques, or different shots….  I mean going on the course and hitting several shots from the pine straw, or off bare lies to figure out how to best hit the shot. 

Curiosity is a powerful force in learning.  Be like a kid, PLAYFUL and curious while you train. 


****Have trouble with a slice?  Go GOOF around on the range hitting hundreds of BIG OLE HOOKS.   Struggle off bare lies?  Go to the range and hits tons of shots out of divots!  Figure out how to hit down and through the ball.  Struggle with balance?  Make a game out of FINISHING IN BALANCE!!!!  How many times in a row can you finish in balance? 

PLAY to learn.

Persistence and Belief

Sean O’Hair won the Canadian Open yesterday on a brutally tough golf course.  He had missed 9 cuts in his last 12 events.  I’m sure he has been frustrated, but I also know that he has a strong belief in his game, and the persistence to KEEP TRAINING, and training hard!  Golf can be a relentlessly difficult game on the ego. 

Looking for quick fixes is not the answer.  Complaining and worrying are not the answers….

Be very clear on your objective (to move the ball solidly towards the target, in balance….), believe in your game, your method and yourself, and persist in your training. 

Even the best players in the world have ups and downs in this game.  Have a positive attitude, enjoy your time on the course, and your game WILL turn around. 

**If you swing concept gets cloudy, muddy, or cluttered, work with a coach to get back on a clear track!  Doubt in swing will almost always destroy consistency. 

Out of Thin Air

You don’t grab touch or consistency out of thin air….   It takes consistent and systematic training.  A few putts before a round just won’t cut it.  A few mindless chip shots will not do much for your game. 

Sure you might have the odd day of great touch, but it’s not something that can be counted on.  Conversely, the golfer that puts in quality time on and around the green will have the odd day where their feel is off on the course….  I’m going with the second option!  I always want to train so that my less than perfect shots are still good enough to give me a chance. 

I understand that without practice, impact and distance skills deteriorate fast, even with proper technique….. 

Consistent and systematic training is the key.  You don’t have to spend hours upon hours practicing (although with proper training, you’ll get better faster if you did…), you just need 20-40 minutes 2-4 times a week training with high quality drills. 

Build your skills and guess what happens?   BAM!  Better golf. 

Something You Don’t Hear Good Golfers Say….

“No, I’m not going to the range today.  I don’t want to waste all my good shots….”

“No range for me.  It doesn’t help my game anyway….”

Listen, I have no problem with someone who is too cheap, too lazy, too busy, or doesn’t particularly care how they play…..   I’m guilty of many of those at times….  But don’t kid yourself by thinking practice won’t help. 


Grumpy the Pro

****US OPEN THIS WEEK!   Can’t wait!