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Bring Options

Pet peeve:  Golfers who want to improve, but only bring
one club with them when they walk to their ball (from the cart path). 

 You just can’t guarantee that
you will have the right club for any given shot!  Until you are at your ball, you can’t be sure
of the lie, the grass around it, the distance needed to carry the ball, and
other obstacles that will need to be processed…

It doesn’t take any more effort
to bring 3 clubs to your ball!  Having
options can make a huge difference over time, and it just takes a simple

 For me it’s easy…. I’m just not
good enough and or bright enough to know what shot I’m going to hit when I’m
20-30 yards away from the ball! 

 *Easy for me because I hate, hate, hate having to walk
back to the cart to grab another club. 

Playing “Within Yourself”

To get better, I actually think you have to play outside yourself! By that I simply mean you mustpush yourself outside of your comfort zone to get to the next level. You may have to work on swing feelings that aren’t comfortable, or try shots that carry inherent risk.

I think that developing new skills demands that you “play outside yourself”. I also believe thatgolfers with confidence looking to play better golf often need to play beyond their comfort level.

Having said that, most of the time, we should all be working at playing golf within our limits.Why? Most of you are part time golfers. You practice a little, if any,and play just a couple times a week (or a month). I also believe that most golfers would be happy just playing closer to their expectations.  Yes they would love to shoot a career round,but consistency, a sense of control, and minimizing damage would be very satisfying to most.

Play within yourself by playing with a smooth and balanced swing. Stay within yourself by playing smart golf, playing the right shots, rather than the “best” shots.

Often times, by playing within yourself (smooth swing, smart strategy) you will begin to gain confidence throughout your round and your smart game will become a better game!

When the time comes that you can put more time into yourgame and can play with more regularity-GO FOR IT!  Play outside yourself!

In the meantime: Know your game. Know yourself. Enjoy YOUR game.

Simple Strategy

To shoot 80-85, use this simple strategy….  it’s easier said than done, but if followed, I’ve no doubt you can lower your scores….

First is to keep the ball in play and move the ball a minimum of 150 yards (from the white tees.  From the gold tees it’s probably about 130 yards, and from the red tees 120 yards is all you need)!  Yup, you only have to hit the ball 150 yards at a time to shoot 80 from the white tees at most clubs!  Most golfers (especially men) lose several shots because they hit driver off almost every tee and because of their inconsistencies, blow a couple drives into water, out of bounds, or out of play.  
Hit your hybrid, or an iron INTO PLAY!!!
*You’ll not only hit more fairways, you’ll gain confidence because you’ll hit the ball with more control!!!
Next is to one chip or pitch inside of 30 yards.  You must become proficient enough in your short game to hit the green virtually every time from inside of 30 yard, no matter how difficult the lie.  This is the real key to scoring!!!  If there is a most important aspect in terms of technique, it would be to develop a method to move the ball onto the green from all different lies around the green.  
Finally,  2 putt.  You don’t have to be Phil Mickelson around the greens.  You just need to move the ball onto the green somewhere!  Then have enough skill in putting to 2 putt.  
Here’s what happens with this strategy.   You hit more solid shots with the full swing because you are more often in control of your ball….  You’ll most likely hit 2-4 green in regulation due to a short par 3, and a couple of short par 4’s,  etc….  Let’s say that you hit 3 greens…. Next, if you become proficient at chipping, you will be bound to hit a couple close enough to 1 putt….  usually 3-5 a round. We will say 4 times you chipped close and one putted.   If you simply make one other putt outside of say 8 feet, you will score an 82!  
This strategy will help you focus on the most important scoring areas (short game!)
This strategy will build your confidence with the full swing
This strategy will also allow you the flexibility of some major screw ups!!!!  If we say that a 3 putt, a bad chip, and a bad drive add 3 shots to your score….  you would have still shot an 85!!!
Now as your skills improve,  slowly add a longer drive to the wide open holes  (at Snee Farm that would be perhaps #9, #10, #12, #13, #18).  You’ll get to the point where you can manage your game easily where you want to be for your skill set.  
Bottom line.   Keep the ball in play 150 yards, 1 chip, and 2 putt and you can shoot low 80’s from the White Tees!!!!  
Now got work on your short game!!!!  Best,