Golf is Tough

Yes they exist.  There are guys out there that can just pick up a club and play good golf.  There are people who seemingly never practice, play once a week or less and can just flat out play. 

Then there’s the rest of us!  I wish I were one of those studs, but I’m not.  I’ve played 9 holes at Carolina Colours a couple times now and it’s been ugly.  Don’t get me wrong, the gravity swing I’ve developed over the years does wonders for the most part.  I hit most every shot solid, and most shots are still flying true and somewhat straight….  But my scores are terrible right now!

You see my drives are a bit scattered, my distance control with my irons is a bit off, my short shots are not quite right, and my putting is mediocre…. 

It all adds up to bad golf. 

So what’s my point?  GOLF IS TOUGH.  I know that if I don’t get out to the range on a fairly consistent basis, I can’t sustain the level of play I want.  Even at the skill level I’m at (I’m braggin on David Lee and the Gravity Golf Drills more than on me), lack of training will cause a deteriation in talent.  That stinks, but it’s a fact.

I’m perfectly OK with it (well, I’m actually frustrated as hell), and am now itchin to get on the range (which will open up this week at Carolina Colours!!!).

Bottom line.  You can’t neglect to practice AND expect to play good golf.  It’s just not practical. 

*You can’t buy a game, nor can you THINK yourself into a golf swing through positions and mechanics. 

Still No Internet….

Fortunately I only live 2 minutes from my office.  10 days with no internet at home!  This is getting a bit old.  Truth is, I’ve got some good stuff on my home computer that I’d like to share with you guys, and I just can’t get at it!!!

That leaves me talking about nonsense like this…..


What do you think of Corey Pavin’s picks for the Ryder Cup?  I think he did just fine.  Tiger, Stewart, Zach and Rickie Fowler.  Yeah, I’d say that was a pretty solid pick! 

3 of the 4 guys that don’t make the team have Major wins!!!!  “These guys are good.”

Luck, part II

Second kind of luck is simply when great shots, good shots, and lousy shots happen.  If you happen to hit a lousy shot on a wide open par 4, let’s say way right… you may still have a shot into the green and make par or birdie! That’s great luck!!!  And then on the next hole you have a simple chip that reaches the outer limits of your talent (on the bad side) and you catch it slightly fat…. Well now, the ball catches the fringe, dies, and hits a slope that throws the ball 50 feet further away from the hole….  Then you 3 putt.  Bad luck!

Wait!  You might be thinking that it’s not luck, but skill, or concentration (or lack thereof), and you would be incorrect, if you were mentally sound during the shot.  You see, everyone has a TALENT CURVE.  Your talent curve is the sum total of your skill.  Inside your talent curve you have great shots, average shots, and bad shots…. Most of those shots are average.  You must understand that you can’t get rid of the bad shots!!!!  They come with you on the course. 

Think about it this way.  Go on the range on a beautiful afternoon and hit 30- 7 irons.  You’re in a great mood, totally free from mechanical thoughts and just confidently swinging away….  Are all your shots perfect? (did they exactly hit your target?) Or did you mis hit a few?  Did a few go right and left?  Unless your Jim Furyk reading this, the truth is that even under the best circumstances, we’re not dead on every shot (and even Jim isn’t perfect!).  

So when you go on the golf course, luck plays a huge role in your game.  On any given swing you have very little control over which of your shots comes out if you are mentally strong (Your talent curve shifts backwards if you become mentally weak…).  The key again is to understand the dynamics of luck and not let it effect your MENTAL! 

This is incredible stuff I learned from Dr. Rick Jensen.  If you have any questions or comments about it, SEND THEM TO ME! 

Talent and Luck in Golf

Talent is by far the greatest determining factor in how one scores on the golf course.  The 90% mental thing is silly (and this statement comes from a guy who has studied and taught the mental heavily for close to 20 years!). 

As important as talent is on any given day, luck also plays a huge role in your score.  Let’s talk about luck.

The equation for your score is as follows:

YOUR SCORE =  Talent – Mental +/- Luck squared. 

Luck is huge!  It can work for you or against you.  Luck works in two ways, one that is obvious, and one not so obvious.  Most of us think of luck as when the ball hits a tree as it is sailing into the woods an bounces out to the middle of the fairway!  That’s good luck.  Bad luck is when the ball bounds off a sprinkler head 30 yards over the green and into the pond…. 

Luck on any given day can have a serious impact on your game.  It can mess with your score by it’s result alone, and it can also have a good or bad effect on your mental! 

How this kind of luck effects your thinking is extemely pertinant to your golf!  The key here is to not let “bad” luck effect your mental toughness!!!

Let’s talk about the other “luck” later.  HAVE A GREAT DAY! 

Out of Communications

Hurricane Earl was just what the doctor ordered here at Carolina Colours.  If you looked at the radar, as I did, you would have thought that we got slammed by the storm!  I was nervous and anxious, but woke to 3/4 of an inch of rain, and no wind damage… At All!

It was actually great for the grass, especially on the back nine where we are trying hard to get enough growth so that we can open it in October!

More concerning than the hurricane has been trying to get internet connection at my condo…. I’m a bit lost without it, and apologize again for being so hard to reach… Hoping to get things sorted out this week.

In the meantime, keep working on your BALANCE, and keep DOING THE DRILLS!  Best,

Hurrican Earl

The good news is that Hurrican Earl turned hard North yesterday afternoon…. The bad news is that Hurricane Earl is HUGE!  A big old swath of rain came upon New Bern some time early evening, and it looks to be finishing up within the next couple of hours (Friday A.M.)

Didn’t seem to be a big wind event, so we’re hoping the course held up OK. 

It was quite a welcome to my new home.  I’ll update you on course conditions when I know more.  In the meantime, ARE YOU DOING YOUR DRILLS?   

Guest Blogger

If there is someone who should have a blog, or at least a weekly column, it’s Leon!  Thanks. I could not have said this better!!!

(Maybe shorter:  “TRUST THE DRILLS”, but not better!)

By Leon Leggett

Since you can’t blog for a while with your new job I wrote one for you……

Pete, I was thinking about your leaving me all alone on the driving range today.

How am I going to handle this… Pete to call for an emergency secession, no Pete to tell me how great I am hitting the ball, no Pete to say stand on your head and point your left foot toward the big dipper close one eye make a deeper turn and hit it…..okay not all of the last part is true! You have never asked me to stand on my head and hit a golf ball. After my panic attack started to subside, it took four cold beers in the grill with Andy Burch, it occurred to me that there may be a way for me to survive…..I might be able to do this even though Pete abandoned me.

How you ask am I going to do this? It came to me while I was thinking about my summer, and what a great summer it was! Qualified and played in the Rice Planters Amateur, and didn’t finish last. I finished second in the Club Championship, and had the low round of the tournament. I won the Roger McManus Four-Ball with Bruce. I played very good in the Wando Cup taking all of my matches to the 18th hole. As great as my golf summer was my summer at work has been tough. I have spent more time working this year than I have in a long time. The economy has made it hard on someone that owns a construction related company. With every thing in the world going on at work I didn’t have as much time to practice golf. I have never played in as many tournaments without working out  with my teacher as I did this year. Part of my routine for preparing for tournament play includes range time with the teacher and lots of range time alone. Even if I am playing great I still want the teacher to tell me how great I am hitting it, as we all have heard 80% of golf is played between the ears. Plus I love lessons. If Tiger, Ernie, and Phil take their teacher to tournaments and get lessons all the time I should too. So, how am I going to survive with out my Pete fix? Well I kind of already have. You see this summer I was so busy I had to trust what Pete had taught me! I didn’t have time to get the usual work and confidence I long for before each tournament. Before the Rice Planters Pete watched me hit balls before each round during my warm up. Only to say it looked good He probably watched me hit 10 balls each day. Yeah, I noticed it was only 10 ball and wanted more, hours more. Before the Club Championship Pete didn’t even watch me warm up. He had to “work”…..I was crushed. Then I didn’t get to hit a single range ball for 8 days leading up to the Roger McManus. It was held at another course so there was no chance for Pete to work his magic on my swing. Then came the Wando Cup Pete was packing…..packing it in on me it felt like. But once again I did the drills on my own before the round and some after but, no lessons or range time before the matches. Once again I lived through it and I played GREAT!

So, I came the conclusion that if I just keep doing the drills and keep hearing Pete in my little brain saying…..turn a little deeper….soften those arms……give me a nice level finish….and…….stand on your head and point your left foot toward the big dipper close one eye make a deeper turn and hit it. I will survive and I will keep playing good golf. It won’t be as much fun with out Pete there by my side on the range, but it will still be fun!

Thanks Pete for a great summer and for the all good shots that are still to come!