Have I Mentioned the Mud at Carolina Colours GC?

I got this email picture yesterday from a member.   The title was “Don’t Do This”.  Apparently, a couple of golfers made a bold attempt to get around a nasty area just off the tee and to the right of number 15.  They had no chance!

This is serious mud.  It will take a few years for the soil to change as the grass and other applications do their work to make the ground more soil like than clay.  In the meantime, things that seem obvious to most of us, aren’t quite as clear to others…. 

The list of things that I thought did not have to be mentioned but perhaps do is growing….

“please keep carts away from mud pits”

… Did not think that one was needed on our signs. 

The Hierarchy of Essential Skills, part I

Remember that ESSENTIALS are, well…. essential to your golf game.  Without proper intention and attention, golf, in all likelihood, will continue to be confusing, chaotic, and frustrating. 

TARGET- There are 5 targets in golf that make sense.  4 of them are absolutely wrong.  Intention on the real target is ESSENTIAL.
                (read more about the 5 targets by going into my blog archives)

BALANCE- Equilibrium throughout the swing, and a fully rotated relaxed balanced finish is one of the major keys to playing better golf.  You very rarely see a golf professional who doesn’t turn fully into their follow through, and you very rarely see an amateur who does turn fully into their follow through…. coincidence?

IMPACT- The skill of impact is ESSENTIAL.  It must have a compatible relationship with the real target.  We swing THROUGH a ball, not AT a ball. 

BALL FLIGHT- Controlling your ball flight is ESSENTIAL to play good golf.  You must be very clear on your intentions while you play and practice.  Truly analyze path and curvature on every swing and how that compared with the clear picture you had before you began the swing. 

An athlete need only understand TARGETS (good and bad) and get onto the correct one, then simply work on the ESSENTIAL skills of BALANCE, IMPACT, and BALL FLIGHT to learn to play the game at any level. 

Unfortunately, the reactions of golfers usually pull them away from the correct target, beginning another spiral into swing flaws, swing compensations, swing flaws, swing compensations…..   to be continued….

One Leg and Play Faster

OK, first of all let’s talk about the last 2 comments by Paul and Scotty.  These guys are golf studs!  They are both golfers who are talented and serious about the game.  They’ve gone through the traditional learning methods and have been as frustrated as the rest of us getting all tied up in mechanical thinking.  They have also now been doing the drills for YEARS (and counting).  These are lifetime drills that will work on improving your equilibrium EVERY time you train. 

Final note on these two.  THEY HAVE A REAL JOB (well I think Paul does, but no one quite knows what that is….) and don’t get a lot of chance to practice.  Scotty is now a father of two and plays golf sporadically at best.  One of the greatest benefits of THE ONE LEG DRILL and others long term is that you can jump back into your swing almost instantly!  Incredible stuff. 

Thanks guys.

And just as a side note that has absolutely nothing to do with the above comments….

 Play golf faster!  I have yet to meet someone who likes to play a 5 hour round of golf.  I’ve yet to hear endearing words spoken about a slow golfer, or a slow group.  If I’m wrong, let me know.  Learn to play fast! 

One Leg Swing

Time flies!  Can’t believe it’s been 4 days since my last blog!  Check out Paul’s comment about the ONE LEG SWING.  He’s dead on.  The dominant leg in sport is your PIVOTAL leg.  If you SLING your arms with a fully rotating pivotal axis, you can create great power and accuracy!  The pivotal axis is the center.  Falling arms, and rotating axis (from the ground up) create PATH INTEGRITY!  It also creates power due to gravity meeting rotation (centrifugal/centripital force). 

Anyone swinging from the shoulders or arms pulls themselves off the pivotal axis, and often loses power, and almost always loses consistency. 

Gravity Golf drills, and ONE LEG drills specifically teach you to use your rotation to move the arms and club through the ball.  It’s incredible stuff!  So either GET BACK TO THE DRILLS, or come see me and learn the drills!  Best,