A Day a Dog can Love

My beagle, Calvin, had a blast yesterday.  As a golfer who was sulking much of the day, it was a pleasure to see my dog having so much fun on the course I won’t be able to play for a few more days….

On another note, that was some fantastic golf played in Hawaii! Great to see the 2011 year get started!  Congrats to Jonathan Byrd.  Really impressed with his free flowing followthru…. But maybe more impressive was Graeme McDowell!  I would agree that he is a strong candidate for best player in the world right now. 

An Example of How Your Focus Produces Results…..

I’m stating the obvious when I say that how you think on the golf course has a direct effect on how you play.  Your thoughts absolutely matter.  

What you focus on is what you get….
It’s seems like an obvious statement, yet on the course, we pretty much all have a hard time controlling our thoughts….  I’d go so far as to say that every golfer thinks about bad shots during a round of golf.  Fear, doubt, anxiety, or simply visualizing what you don’t want to happen on a shot are commonplace.  
I have more evidence that your focus will bring things to the forefront, and that can be good or that can be bad…
You see my beagle likes to roll around in foul smelling things….  Recently dead animals are a favorite, but poo is his latest thing….
So now I’m on the look out for poo.  I’ve been walking my dog a long time.  We’ve been hiking together for years!  Well, now that I’m looking for poo, I’ve seen it all!  Every variety, every stage of it’s ‘life cycle’, every shape and size!!!  
So in classic “turn lemons into lemonade” style, I’m going to let my experience with poo make me a better golfer!!!
I have more evidence that if I let my mind focus on bad shots, on missing shots, on bad feeling in my swing, I will bring more of that about!  I’m going to be more aware now of what my focus is, and I hope you do the same!
Focus on great shots, on great swings, on the ball going exactly where you want!
Most of you have experienced all manner of “poo shots” on the course, and many of them may have been brought about by focusing on poo….  
I’m just sayin’.  

Getting The Most Out of Your Training

So I’ve practiced the last few days, and boy did I enjoy it! 

About 15 years ago I spent a ton of time researching what I believed to be the most beneficial golf drills.  I wanted the quality of the drill to be as high as possible, so I could make the most out of my time.  (and my tour pros, collegiate players and my other students could see results faster!)

The result is that when I train, I ALWAYS know exactly how I’m going to practice, and I KNOW it will sharpen my skills quickly. 

Most golfers are in a constant search for new drills, or new mechanics, and I believe that to be a massive waste of time and energy. 

Train systematically and consistently in high quality drills, and you will build the skills necessary to play better golf. 

Best putting drill:   A straight 3 foot putt.  Putt 30-100 3 times a week. 

Best full swing drill:  Front route drill .   Builds core dominance in your swing, forces the brain to stop hunting the ball and allows the simple physics of GRAVITY and ROTATION to dominate the swing.  This drill is too important to attempt a full explanation in a blog.  For those who know it,  KEEP DOING IT!

And by the way, I consider most of my drills to be LIFETIME DRILLS…..  Not something you do for a while and then move on. 

Carolina Colours: Picture #5

Hole #5, 400yd par 4.  From this picture you can get another look at the really cool tee complexes at Carolina Colours Golf Club.  As you look beyond the tees you can see a large lake in front of and to the right of the fairway.  The landing area is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture, it’s really a meaty hole with lots of room, and lots of length.  It plays long because the “A” spot for the tee shot is leaning on the right side of this dogleg left.  You then hit into an enourmous 3 club green.  Below you’ll get a look at the green and its surroundings.

Practice What I Preach

I became “fully” trained in my golf swing sometime in 2006.  What that means is that all the drills that I did in the previous 10 years (with most proper training condensed into the last 2 years) finally created a swing for life.  

Now adays, it’s fun for me to NOT practice and then go out and hit a lot of good shots.  It’s just such an incredible feeling to KNOW that my golf swing will work on any given day!  (thank you GRAVITY GOLF!)

You see for most of my life I needed to hit balls every day, and even then it was a mystery to some degree what was going to happen on the golf course.  I spent 20+ years adjusting, searching, hoping pretty much on every golf swing. 

The downside to not training is that my game is solid, but not very sharp.  My chipping and putting are OK, my full shots are adequate.  I can go out and shoot around par on most days…..

What I need to do is PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH!  I’m a huge believer in training.  Always have been.  I’ve never been under the illusion that you can play at or above your potential with any kind of consistency without consistent and systematic training. 

Chipping, putting and full swing drills.  I must find time to train!