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Carolina Colours: Picture #10

Hole #10 at Carolina Colours.  330 yard par 4.  It’s got an enourmous bunker in front of the green, a pot bunker just short center, and a fairly severe tier that runs accross (back to front) of the green.  It’s definitely a birdie hole, but an errant shot will often make it play tougher than it is.  Should be a fun hole to play. 

Carolina Colours: Picture #8

Hole #8 at Carolina Colours. 
About 385 from the back tees, this is a fun medium to short par 4.  That bunker on the left is enormous!  You can lay up short of it to a wide fairway and have about 140 left to the pin, or you can be more aggressive and try to get the tee shot way down there and really take advantage of the hole….  Drive it into that bunker and you may have one of those dreaded 100 yard sand shots!  Fun golf hole. 

Carolina Colours Pro-shop & Cart Barn

Pro-Shop and attached cart barn at Carolina Colours!   By now, the cart barn is in use, but I’ll have to wait a while to get into the pro-shop.  In the mean time, I’ll be in the Carolina Colours Pavillion, which is a beautiful club house across the parking lot from this building.  
Carolina Colours opened 9 holes for “Member’s Only” on July 31st.  We will open as a semi-private golf club in October when the full 18 is ready for play!

Carolina Colours: Picture #4

Hole #4 at Carolina Colours.   Par 4  404yds  from the Championship Tees

This is one of those intimidating holes.   The hazard you see running across this fairway is not that difficult to carry.  It’s just one of those shots where when you stand on the tee, the carry seems serious!  Hit a solid drive from the correct set of tees and you will carry the hazard with ease!  Swing free and with confidence!