Quote from a Champion

“The only thing a golfer needs is more
daylight” –Ben Hogan


I love to hear quotes like this
from the best ball strikers in the history of golf.  It’s basically saying that the real reason
they are great is because of the tremendous time and effort they put into their


Golfers have been obsessed with
Ben Hogan’s mechanics for over 50 years…. They need to listen to how he
developed the precision in his swing….  PRACTICE!!!

Thump The Ground

On just about all shots, you should allow the club to thump the ground. 

Not on putts and drives….

It’s far more efficient that way.  You see, better players have a much larger margin of error because they allow the club to fall into the ground on all their shots!  The golfers who try to “pick the ball clean” are making it extremely difficult on themselves (as if golf didn’t offer enough difficulty!).  Physics clearly states that the club should “thump” the ground.  Heavy steel is falling from 4-6 feet above the earth….Centrifugal force is pulling the arms and club outward while gravity is pulling the club downward!!!  The club most definitely will “thump” the ground under these circumstances!  Add to that the action/reaction of the club meeting an inert ball (ball deflects upward, while the club is deflected downward at impact) and I hope you can once and for all get over any uncertainty about taking a divot, or at least “thumping” the ground! 

I said just about all shots…. I mean just that!  Chips, pitches, punch shots, fairway bunker shots!, fairway woods, etc….   Physics doesn’t change!!!

I can’t advise you enough to ALLOW the club to bump the ground.  TRAIN IT!  Practice it! 

Final note:  “Thump” at and past the ball, never before the club reaches the ball (exception is an explosion shot from bunkers or similar nasty lies)… If you hit the ground too soon, don’t lift on the next swing,  TURN the body around the forward leg more so you can move the divot forward!!! 

Kids and Gravity Golf

Back to golf…..

Now if you are going to have
kids train, there is no doubt they should be doing GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS! 

Take a kid that loves the game,
and get them in the drills!  They will
learn the drills fast, that’s just how kids are….  They will develop a physics compliant swing
at a very young age and that will change their golfing life!

If they continue to play golf,
they will find it far easier to play at a higher level because their swing will
be consistent and powerful.

If they choose to lay off golf
while their hormones crank up…  No
problem.  They will have a much easier
time getting back into the game when they choose. 

 If they learn the gravity swing
at a young age, they will have a golf swing for life!  Even if they give it up for years to have a
family, they will never loose the technique of swinging….  Learning a GRAVITY GOLF SWING  is like
learning to walk or ride a bike…. You never forget! 

 How awesome is that?

I Got A New Job!

On Saturday, July 31st, I accepted a job offer from a new course in New Bern, NC called Carolina Colours!  I start on September 1 as the Head Professional in charge of golf operations…

I’ll still be teaching quite a bit (which was a condition of employment), but now have the added responsibility of running the show as well!  I love it!!!
When the Golf course web site gets up and running, I’ll send along a link.  This is an exciting opportunity at what really looks to be a great community.  
Let the fun begin.