Simple Strategy

To shoot 80-85, use this simple strategy….  it’s easier said than done, but if followed, I’ve no doubt you can lower your scores….

First is to keep the ball in play and move the ball a minimum of 150 yards (from the white tees.  From the gold tees it’s probably about 130 yards, and from the red tees 120 yards is all you need)!  Yup, you only have to hit the ball 150 yards at a time to shoot 80 from the white tees at most clubs!  Most golfers (especially men) lose several shots because they hit driver off almost every tee and because of their inconsistencies, blow a couple drives into water, out of bounds, or out of play.  
Hit your hybrid, or an iron INTO PLAY!!!
*You’ll not only hit more fairways, you’ll gain confidence because you’ll hit the ball with more control!!!
Next is to one chip or pitch inside of 30 yards.  You must become proficient enough in your short game to hit the green virtually every time from inside of 30 yard, no matter how difficult the lie.  This is the real key to scoring!!!  If there is a most important aspect in terms of technique, it would be to develop a method to move the ball onto the green from all different lies around the green.  
Finally,  2 putt.  You don’t have to be Phil Mickelson around the greens.  You just need to move the ball onto the green somewhere!  Then have enough skill in putting to 2 putt.  
Here’s what happens with this strategy.   You hit more solid shots with the full swing because you are more often in control of your ball….  You’ll most likely hit 2-4 green in regulation due to a short par 3, and a couple of short par 4’s,  etc….  Let’s say that you hit 3 greens…. Next, if you become proficient at chipping, you will be bound to hit a couple close enough to 1 putt….  usually 3-5 a round. We will say 4 times you chipped close and one putted.   If you simply make one other putt outside of say 8 feet, you will score an 82!  
This strategy will help you focus on the most important scoring areas (short game!)
This strategy will build your confidence with the full swing
This strategy will also allow you the flexibility of some major screw ups!!!!  If we say that a 3 putt, a bad chip, and a bad drive add 3 shots to your score….  you would have still shot an 85!!!
Now as your skills improve,  slowly add a longer drive to the wide open holes  (at Snee Farm that would be perhaps #9, #10, #12, #13, #18).  You’ll get to the point where you can manage your game easily where you want to be for your skill set.  
Bottom line.   Keep the ball in play 150 yards, 1 chip, and 2 putt and you can shoot low 80’s from the White Tees!!!!  
Now got work on your short game!!!!  Best, 

Move It With Your Turn!

First,let me define the followthru.  It is a ROTATIONAL move around the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS.  It should only begin after the heave and when the weight has fully fallen back into the left heel AND the body is well into the COUNTERFALL.

The FOLLOWTHRU is the unleashing of all the energy produced in a swing.


A proper FOLLOWTHRU is FULLY ROTATED,  RELAXED in the arms and shoulders, AND WELL BALANCED at the very end of the swing.

The reason you hear me say it so often is because the INSTINCT TO STRIKE AT THE BALL is so strong,  the arms fire at the ball, rather than being slung by the followthru! 

Itis EXTREMELY difficult to not use your arms in a golf swing, yet bydefinition, as soon as you use your arms, it is no longer a SWING (it’sa hit and will be thrown off path demanding a compensation).

By saying “HIT IT WITH YOUR FOLLOWTHRU” over and over and over, I’m hoping that you continue to experiment with getting more and more TENSION out of your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders andback.  My hope is that you let yourself get completely into the LEFT PIVOTAL AXIS and begin the COUNTERFALL before you begin your thruswing.

LITERALLY, THE GRAVITY GOLFER moves the ball with THEIR FOLLOWTHRU!  The arms and the club are an extension of the left pivotal axis and are slung by it on a predictable path.

I think it is easiest to see in VJ SINGH.  You tube him and watch some swings (never in SLOW MOTION!).  I think you’ll begin to see how his arms are being slung by his turn.


My Students Rock!

I was watching a group of my students go through the DRIVER DRILL today and was thinking about how far they’ve come in the last year….  As I thought about 4 or 5 guys specifically, it hit me just how hard those guys have worked on their games, and how diligently they continue to train IN THE DRILLS. 

I felt like patting myself on the back, when I realized that they deserved the credit!  Training consistently and systematically is the key to improvement.  I can show the drills, but I can’t practice for you! 

Well done! 

Which Drills, and for How Long?

I often get asked which drills should someone do to improve.

The answer:  “WHICHEVER GRAVITY DRILLS YOU KNOW!”  It’s simple.  Master each GRAVITY drill you know.  If you know 2 drills, master those two, and hopefully show up and learn more GRAVITY drills…  If you know 8, master all 8!
It’s that simple.  Each drill is working on a more efficient golf swing.  All drills will make your finished product (a regular golf swing) better…..
How long should you train in the drills?  At least until they are mastered.  I would say a minimum of 5-10 years.  As for me, I’ve been doing the drills for 14 years, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon!  Why?  Because I’ve never hit the ball as well as I do now, and I never want to go back to the old ways of playing golf where I was constantly finding and losing my golf swing every few weeks….  
The drills are LIFE TIME drills.  At least if you want to see serious positive change in your game.  

Who’s got Gravity?

So what do I look for in a swing?  I look for GRAVITY!  Listen, there are many ways to power a golf club but most employ upper body and arm muscle that will always throw the club off path and demand compensations on every swing.   There have been great players that use upper body and arm muscle (Arnold Palmer is the most notable) to play this game.  You’ll always be able to find golfers who are a little better than you are that fall all over the place, but somehow manage to get the ball in the hole in fewer strokes than you do….

More power to them!
But if you want my opinion about learning and playing this game….  I want to see GRAVITY!  I want the arms being slung by the rotation of the forward pivotal axis (front leg).  I want to see soft arms at the end of the golf swing!!!  I’m interested in helping others create a swing that is MOST efficient.  A swing that has the best chance of repeating itself….
Typically,  great athletes have tremendous desire, incredible physical skills, and better than average form.  Often, their desire and physical skills allow them to compete even if their technique isn’t the most efficient possible.
Then their are the elites….  Michael Jordan, Roger Federer, Manny Ramirez, Freddy Couples, etc….   These athletes have desire, skill, AND the most efficient technique possible.
It’s incredibly subtle to see physics being used in sport, but I think you would all agree that these athletes have an apparent “smoothness” to their motion that surpasses even the other top level athletes.
Physics is available to all of us.  My hope is that as a golfer, you train in a manner that helps you use more and more GRAVITY, and less and less upper body force!
Can you see the difference in these two swings?   Which one do you think you could control more?

The Coolest Thing….

I’ve been teaching golf for almost 20 years….  I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of success in the business.  Perhaps because I’ve always been able to relate to golfers struggling for consistency, perhaps because my own search to play better golf created a synergy with my students…  most likely because I really care about what I do, and how my students perform!

ATHLETIC GOLF was created in frustration.  I knew that learning swing positions was a lousy way to teach a motor skills and that mechanical thinking was a ball and chain that kept almost all golfers from ever playing golf with any kind of freedom.   During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I had a fantastic business teaching students to “let the target create the swing”.   My game and others who bought into the training programs I developed (more often adopted and adapted from other great teachers!!!) saw consistent improvement in ball striking and scoring….  We were happy, and yet I still had no idea how much better things could get.
In 2004 I did the DRIVER DRILL with David Lee.  I had been doing his GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS for years to some degree, and there was no doubt his philosophy had an enormous effect on my teaching and playing.  It took me another 5 years to begin the COOLEST THING I’VE EVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH in golf!!!!
I saw massive changes in my consistency when I began doing the DRIVER DRILL.  I discussed it in my teaching, showed it occasionally in my golf schools, but only myself and my wife (Jeanne-Marie) were really benefiting from it for many years because we were the only ones actually doing the DRIVER DRILL on a consistent basis….
Well, in 2009 I began the DRIVER DRILL CLUB.  It’s a 10 week program where students do THE DRIVER DRILL about 2 times per week….  The first ‘semester’ I charged a very small amount just to get people started…. (it’s quite strange, after all….) and was very fortunate to get 10 golfers to give it a try.
It’s everything I hoped for and more!!!!  It’s simply the COOLEST THING I’ve ever been involved in!  The success rate for students is beyond belief!  I can safely say that almost every golfer that has gone through the program has seen significant improvement in their golf swings….  Distance, accuracy, score, you name it!  It’s fantastic!

long overdue

The athletic golf website is long long overdue so in the meantime how about a blog?

it’s worth giving it a shot.
at least no restrictions on how long the text gets in here!

In this blog I’d like to discuss golf.  You can help shape the direction of my ‘conversations’ by sending questions and comments.  I also hope that this site becomes a resource for you to use when you need a refresher on THE ESSENTIALS of ATHLETIC GOLF, or some deeper insight into the genius of David Lee’s GRAVITY GOLF!   I intend to create a series archive of my writings….  Should be fun, and I hope rewarding for all of us.  

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