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My Students Rock!

I was watching a group of my students go through the DRIVER DRILL today and was thinking about how far they’ve come in the last year….  As I thought about 4 or 5 guys specifically, it hit me just how hard those guys have worked on their games, and how diligently they continue to train IN THE DRILLS. 

I felt like patting myself on the back, when I realized that they deserved the credit!  Training consistently and systematically is the key to improvement.  I can show the drills, but I can’t practice for you! 

Well done! 

The Coolest Thing….

I’ve been teaching golf for almost 20 years….  I’ve been fortunate to have a lot of success in the business.  Perhaps because I’ve always been able to relate to golfers struggling for consistency, perhaps because my own search to play better golf created a synergy with my students…  most likely because I really care about what I do, and how my students perform!

ATHLETIC GOLF was created in frustration.  I knew that learning swing positions was a lousy way to teach a motor skills and that mechanical thinking was a ball and chain that kept almost all golfers from ever playing golf with any kind of freedom.   During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, I had a fantastic business teaching students to “let the target create the swing”.   My game and others who bought into the training programs I developed (more often adopted and adapted from other great teachers!!!) saw consistent improvement in ball striking and scoring….  We were happy, and yet I still had no idea how much better things could get.
In 2004 I did the DRIVER DRILL with David Lee.  I had been doing his GRAVITY GOLF DRILLS for years to some degree, and there was no doubt his philosophy had an enormous effect on my teaching and playing.  It took me another 5 years to begin the COOLEST THING I’VE EVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH in golf!!!!
I saw massive changes in my consistency when I began doing the DRIVER DRILL.  I discussed it in my teaching, showed it occasionally in my golf schools, but only myself and my wife (Jeanne-Marie) were really benefiting from it for many years because we were the only ones actually doing the DRIVER DRILL on a consistent basis….
Well, in 2009 I began the DRIVER DRILL CLUB.  It’s a 10 week program where students do THE DRIVER DRILL about 2 times per week….  The first ‘semester’ I charged a very small amount just to get people started…. (it’s quite strange, after all….) and was very fortunate to get 10 golfers to give it a try.
It’s everything I hoped for and more!!!!  It’s simply the COOLEST THING I’ve ever been involved in!  The success rate for students is beyond belief!  I can safely say that almost every golfer that has gone through the program has seen significant improvement in their golf swings….  Distance, accuracy, score, you name it!  It’s fantastic!