The Target Creates The Swing, Part III

We’ve all seen people create a bad swing due to this BAD TARGET.   It’s when we have to hit over a bunker, or over water, or to an elevated green, or even when we have a downhill lie…..   The TARGET becomes UP.  We try to lift the ball up over the bunker, or over the water, or up to the elevated green, etc….   It makes total sense…. The problem:  IT’S ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

It guarantees a bad swing!  if your target is “the sky”, you will make a swing that attempts to get under the ball and then lift it up….  Well, the ball sits on the ground and in most cases, when attempting this swing we will hit the ground too soon and lift into the middle or top of the ball, sculling or topping the shot on the ground!!!

I think you know what I mean here… We’ve all done it.  We’ve all seen people do it.  I’m not criticizing, just pointing out that it’s not necessarily a lack of swing knowledge that caused this, but rather a BAD TARGET that caused the swing mechanics to break down!!!!

Can you see this golfer’s “lift” as he gets to the ball?  You should notice how he straightens up just at and past impact in his attempt to lift ball over the water:


The true “angle of attack” on most all shots is slightly descending relative to the lie of the ground.  The TARGET is forward and level (or slightly downward).  We use a lofted club to deflect the ball upward!

Have a shot over a bunker?  Well, swing level with a lofted club and the ball will deflect off the face upward and over the bunker!!!

Have a shot to an elevated green?  Well, swing level with a lofted club and the ball will deflect off the face upward and on to the green!!!

Have a downhill lie?  Well, set up to the level of the ground, and swing DOWN THE HILL!

Any attempt to manually “lift” will cause fat and thin shots because the club will bottom out too soon in your attempt to get under and lift the ball….


What is a “Level Turn”?

You’ll often hear me say: “TURN LEVEL” – Specifically, I’m referring to rotating freely and fully around the FORWARD PIVOTAL AXIS (left leg for right handed golfers).

Any pulling down in a golf swing from arm muscles restricts internal rotation. These outside forces cause golfers to:
-Shift their weight too far forward or
-Dip their trailing shoulder downward, which raises the left hip or
-raise up on their toes, which also shuts down rotation.

Yes, the shoulders turn on a pre-determined angle (created at address) and the spine angle should remain somewhat constant in the forward swing…. BUT! The hips,  or the BELT BUCKLE will turn almost perfectly LEVEL into the follow thru!!! By intending to TURN LEVEL, you will automatically have to get rid of outside forces from the arms that was causing the shifting, dipping, raising, etc in the first place… The brain will do the work for you!!!

*Final thought: All these things that I describe must be ALLOWED TO HAPPEN, rather than forced.  The GRAVITY SEQUENCE allows what I describe to happen, and it takes effort, tension, and/or guiding to destroy it! You can simply focus on a FULLY ROTATED, RELAXED BALANCED FINISH.

*Your right hip should be closer to the target than your left hip


OR Watch the second swing that LEE TREVINO makes in this video!!! Wow, that’s poetry in motion. Go to 29 seconds and then rewatch over and over. His shoulder turn is not as full as in the past, but there is NO DOUBT he is heaving the arms back with SUFFICIENT FORCE TO sustain his swing.  His counterfall and pivot naturally matches his heave (backswing turn).