Learning golf should be about building skills, not learning positions. You develop your skill of tying your shoes by… wait for it… tying your shoes, not by learning how to move your fingers so that you can manipulate your laces.

Even a surgeon learns his craft by building skills specific to the operation, not by specifically learning the positions of his fingers hands and arms…. The body responds to the task it’s asked to perform.

In golf, the skills to develop are: BALANCE, IMPACT, and BALL FLIGHT CONTROL.

The golf swing is best developed by improving these skills!

Intend to move the center of the club face through the golf ball.

Intend to throw the club face out to the target freely (without letting go!)

Intend to finish in a fully rotated, relaxed balanced position on the forward pivotal axis.

Your mechanics will improve through these intentions! Focusing on mechanics is a backwards approach to learning motor skill. It also trains you to be a slave to THINKING and will keep you from PLAYING GOLF!!! It’s a vicious cycle far too many golfers fall into.

*Go to the range and build your skills of impact by using tees for feedback! Clip tees, clip thousands of tees! As your skills improve, lower the tees, see how many times in a row you can let the club swing through a tee…

*On the range develop and heighten your skill of a balanced finish! Notice if all your weight is on the forward leg! Notice if you are fully turned! Notice if you are relaxed…. If you are not in the correct position, MOVE YOURSELF THERE before you prepare for your next shot! Have the discipline to develop the skill of balance.

The best thing about skills is that WE CAN all learn them. It’s just a matter of focus and repetition!