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Nanook Goes Golfing

Nanook must do everything he can to continue to TURN his core in cold weather.  His arms and shoulders should not dominate, his arms and shoulders should be MOVED by his core! 

Nanook will need to take extra club to deal with several factors, including his 5 layers of clothing which restricts his turn…..  No problem,  he must still use his core to get the arms and shoulders into motion in the backswing. The turn won’t be as full, but it should be sufficient to get the arms and club moving on their own momentum.  If successful, he can maintain his path integrity on the downswing by slinging his arms and club through the ball with his forward turn around his right pivotal axis (you didn’t know that Nanook was a lefty?). 

Gravity meets rotation = Path integrity                 …..even at 40 degrees.

Feeling At Ease

One of the best results of training in the  GRAVITY GOLF drills is that I have great confidence in my swing, even though I’ve been away from the practice tee for over 4 months.  Golf is difficult, so I may or may not play stellar golf when I tee it up, but I’m never worried about being totally lost on the course.  I think back to my pre-gravity days and how I would practice and play after even just a few days off….  It was a joke!  I always felt like I was starting over.  I’d search and hope on the range, and the golf course experience was more often than not a disaster!  

Now most golfers and instructors spend their entire golfing lives like I used to, so most have no idea of what’s possible.  It’s something that must be discovered on your own, through consistent and systematic training IN THE GRAVITY DRILLS!  
Master them, no matter how long it takes.  

An Inverse Challenge

The more a golfer needs to break up tension in their swing, the harder it is to feel and see good results early in the GRAVITY GOLF process. 

Better golfers can often feel an immediate change in impact, consistency and balance when they get into a GRAVITY DRILL.  This is fantastic, because it’s a great “hook” to get them continuing to do the drills that are so important for long term improvement. 

Beginners and higher handicap golfers usually have greater tension and bad perceptions in their technique and need the GRAVITY DRILLS even more than the better golfer (who has learned to survive on the course with their less than perfect technique), yet it is far more difficult to get them committed to the drills! 

David Lee (founder of GRAVITY GOLF ) has told me on several occasions to get my high handicapped golfers into more drills! “They need it more than anyone, Pete.”

He’s absolutely right!  Problem is, the drills simply magnify their errors early on and it’s a bit depressing, discouraging, and/or conflicting for them. 

It’s a great challenge for the teacher and the student.  I hope as a teacher, I can convince all golfers that the drills are THE WAY to create the most efficient golf swing, regardless of short term results. 


Come to the Dark Side

Scotty Welch’s comments about balance are right on, especially after training in the GRAVITY GOLF SYSTEM (and 12 fairways and 14+ greens are good for just about anyone at any time!).  His comments about the Dark Side came at a perfect time.  I’m beginning to teach up in New Bern, and my new students are just getting exposed to the drills….  I am well aware that they seem odd, weird, bizarre, and a few other things….  In the beginning, it’s certainly a leap of faith on my students part. 

Keep the comments coming!  It’s not only great to hear from you guys, it’s got to be helpful for my new students who are wondering what in the hell they are getting into. 

Come to the Dark Side.  Learn and train in the drills.